Youth Ministry

DOJO is from 5-7pm on Sunday nights.


Our Youth Ministry (“DOJO”- Depend on Jesus Only) is a vibrant and inclusive group of students in 6th-12th grades who come together for fellowship, mission projects, and to study God’s word. We balance seriousness and silliness. I often describe the vibe by saying that someone could walk in the door dressed like an obnoxious clown AND completely fall on their face on their way in, and the group would still welcome them with open arms. DOJO students are open to all types of people, and the older students work hard to pass down the tradition of being intentional in welcoming to younger students as they come into the group. During a time where life seems like chaos and young people start asking tougher questions about life, DOJO is a place where students are invited to explore different ideas, learn to love others, and have fun.


  • We prioritize love for one another over all else and work towards bringing healing and reconciliation to God’s world by caring for others
  • Those who have a relationship with God as well as those who don’t can freely discuss different questions and ideas about what they believe
  • Things are flexible, go with the flow, relaxed, and fun!


  • Students learn “sin management” or hear lists of things they should and shouldn’t do
  • Students are instructed to believe, think, or act a specific way, or feel like certain questions and topics are off limits or wrong to wonder about
  • Students are asked to memorize things or learn about God in a way that makes them feel like they’re still at school

If you have any questions about our youth ministries, please feel free to contact Brandi Loggins at