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Last Updated: March 9, 2020

About Next Step Ministries

Next Step has an awesome section of their website dedicated to the Oklahoma Trip. For a ton of information about worship, our work assignments, and the needs of the Oklahoma City community, be sure to check it out. (Anything relating to price is not applicable to our group. For information about payments, please check out the section below).


Departure & Return

I will be sure to send text updates during both traveling days. We’ll be stopping for food on the way there as well as on the way back, so please bring money for two meals!

Leaving | Sunday, June 28
Meet at the Church at 7:00am
Arriving in Oklahoma City around 4:00pm

Returning | Saturday, July 3
Leaving OKC at 8:00am
Returning to Spring Creek around 4pm

Lodging Information

We will be staying at:
Southpark Baptist Church
2900 SW 119th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73170

Here we will worship, eat meals, sleep, shower, and hang out! Guys and girls will be separated into different rooms for sleeping arrangements. Sleeping will be on the floor so please bring a twin air mattress and bedding. There are bathrooms in the facility and a shower trailer on site with individual shower stalls.

Price and Payment Process

The cost of the trip will be $200 per student. Adult volunteers can attend for free. For scholarship or payment plan options, please contact Brandi at .

March 15 | First $50 Deposit
April 1 | Second $50 Deposit
June 1 | Final payment of $100

How to Pay
The easiest way to pay for the trip is through this link. You can access the payment page at any time under the “Give” section of the Spring Creek App or website. You may also turn in a check or cash to Brandi.

Packing List

A packing list can be found here.

Electronics and Communication

Students will be allowed to bring their cell phones on this trip. However, boundaries will be put in place for when students will be allowed to use them. I am still working with Next Step to figure out a phone policy.

Parents- regardless of what the phone policy may end up being, you will be informed on how your student is doing throughout the trip. I will have my phone with me at all times and will be available for open communication to the best of my ability. You will be contacted as soon as possible in any sort of emergency regarding your student or the group as a whole. If your student does not have a phone with them on the trip, they are more than welcome to use an adult leader’s phone to contact home at any (reasonable) time.

Forms Checklist

Please note that you will get a chance to fill out all necessary paperwork and registration forms at our meeting on May 17. Even if a student already has these forms on file, everyone will be required to turn them in not only for the mission trip but for the 2020-2021 school year.

Online Registration
Spring Creek Medical Release Form for 2020-2021 (coming soon)
Over-the-Counter Administration Form
Prescription Medication Form (if prescription meds are being brought on the trip)

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